Company A buys Company B for $30M.
In 6 months, Company B’s value declines by $29M, 
crushed by undiscovered technical debt. 

Don't let this be you.


The story above is true, and it happens all the time. ProDiligence was founded to prevent stories like this from happening.

Over the past decade, ProDiligence has successfully led technical due diligence through more than $400M in transactions, minimizing technology-based risks for companies, private equity and other investors when evaluating potential projects, investments, partnerships, or acquisitions.

The ProDiligence team brings decades of principal-level experience in venture capital, digital advertising, web development, ecommerce, and founding and growing companies. ProDiligence understands the value of traditional legal and financial due diligence in high-stakes transactions, but focuses on the often hidden technical risks in such transactions, risks that legal and financial due diligence too often miss. 





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